SpartanFX, a full service, Asia based forex broker

Welcome to SpartanFX

SpartanFX is an Asia-based brokerage providing foreign exchange investment and trading services to clients from around the world. Our mission and intention is too provide the means for clients to achieve well above average returns on their risked capital. For more about SpartanFX go here.

Why trade with SpartanFX?

With direct market access order processing all trades are instantaneous, bypassing any broker dealing desk. There is no risk of rejected trades or re-quotes, or need for confirmation requests.
As a straight through processor (STP) broker, our interests are aligned with those of our clients. When you win we win, and the reverse. Unlike with the case of the typical forex broker who runs a dealing desk, we are not betting against our clients.
Our feed comes directly the Forex Market. You are able to see the best bids and offerings in the market.
Up to 200:1 leverage offered to clients using trading systems. You have the ability to adjust your assumed risk in line with your preferences and trading style.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the education and opportunities to profit from the Forex Market. New traders: Check out our Learning Center and the exclusive forex trading course offer on that page.

How can we afford to offer our low rates?

We use multiple core feeds, with a volume rebate.
We have an efficient staff. Our overhead is very low.
We do not have a dealing desk to run and support.

Two trading options

(1) Our Software Trading Platform – For experienced traders who choose to manage their own trading portfolio.

(2) Our Active Portfolio Management, aided by expert advisor trading systems (EAs) – for traders and investors who do not have time or the desire to manage their own account. You can read more about active portfolio management here.

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More About SpartanFX

Battle of ThermopylaeInvestment and trading services done right

SpartanFX is an Asia-based brokerage providing foreign exchange investment and trading services to clients from around the world. Clients are not accepted from the United States – on account of the restrictions this would impose on the services we would be able to offer our clients – and from certain other countries. Our U.S. National Futures Association exemption id is 0461397.

Our view is that the keys to successful trading are self-discipline and risk management. Indeed when traders avail themselves of the substantial leverage available when trading foreign exchange markets these two characteristics are mandatory for survival, never mind success. SpartanFX offers education for the newcomer who wishes to learn to trade effectively, managed trading for those who wish to participate in forex markets without trading themselves, and straight through processing trading to experienced and new traders alike.